Taiwan 中華民國 – “The Heart of Asia”

Taiwan is underrated by most of the travellers but those who can make it there will definitely have a real fun.

Where did we go? Taipei City, New Taipei City- Jiufen Village

What did we see here? Taipei 101, National Palace Museum, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall best restaurants, night markets, street foods, mountains of Taiwan-Jiufen village.

National Palace Museum- their collections are more impressive than what I saw in Beijing capital Museum except for the porcelain wares which Beijing really treasured.

Chiang Kai-shek memorial- on the grounds outside, I felt like I was in a smaller version of the Imperial palace of Beijing.

Day/ Night Markets/shopping- its best here so far! If you love shopping, Taiwan is the place! You can hop from one night market to another every night, and there are also day markets and streets. We went to Shihlin night market, Raohe Street Night Market, Ximending, and Jiufen, Asia’s Diagon Alley.

Street foods- from all the places I traveled, finally I can really eat and enjoy the street foods ^_^

Best food and restaurants- I love the food, the drinks, and the way they serve it (had fun in the modern toilet)

New Taipei City- Jiufen (九份) – located in the northern Taiwan and surrounded by mountains. All right, we climbed the mountains! One hour bus ride from Taipei City. It was founded during the Qing Dynasty, this small town was a relatively isolated village. You can shop here at Jiufen, the Asian Diagon alley, a long and windy alley of foods and crafts. You can see the views from the nearby seashore and the bright city view from the hills of Jiufen at night.

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