Taipei street foods

What interesting foods did we try in Taipei?
*Stinky Tofu
*Wow Frog eggs- I didn’t try these
*Popular Hot Star Fried chicken
*Bubble Tea
*Ice cream wrap
*Hot pot-eat all you can
*Taiwan Beers

* and many more (definitely you could eat them compared to the other street foods in wangfujing in beijing hehe)

Where to eat?

Shihlin night market, Raohe Street Night Market, Ximending and Jiufen, Asia’s Diagon Alley

Modern Toilet in Ximending – eat in poo-poo and pee-pee themed restaurant (western foods)

SAM_0059 SAM_0063 SAM_0064 SAM_0065 SAM_0105 SAM_0203 SAM_0205 SAM_0206 SAM_0211 SAM_0212 SAM_0213 SAM_0214 SAM_0217 SAM_0218 SAM_0219 SAM_0220 SAM_0221 SAM_0222 SAM_0223 SAM_0227 SAM_0228 SAM_0231 SAM_0232 SAM_0233 SAM_0236 SAM_0237 SAM_0238 SAM_0241 SAM_0243 SAM_0244 SAM_0245 SAM_0246


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