If you have watched famous Chinese movies (esp. historical ones) they are based on the themes of life in Hutongs (old lanes/alleys). Exploring the history and culture of China while walking on these preserved historical places and riding the rickshaw is really worth doing in Beijing.

Do not miss this place as most of them are already being replaced  by modern residences! You can also see hutongs in museums but experiencing and hearing the story of the place from the old folks from the time of the Cultural Revolution is really interesting.

SAM_9817 SAM_9818 SAM_9819 SAM_9820 SAM_9821 SAM_9822 SAM_9823 SAM_9824 SAM_9825 SAM_9826 SAM_9827 SAM_9834 SAM_9835 SAM_9836 SAM_9837 SAM_9838 SAM_9839 SAM_9840 SAM_9841 SAM_9842 SAM_9843 SAM_9846 SAM_9848 SAM_9849 SAM_9850 SAM_9851 SAM_9852 SAM_9854 SAM_9855 SAM_9856 SAM_9858


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