Seoul, South Korea -The City that Never Sleeps

We have tried, tested and proven that this city never sleeps.

Exploring Seoul from our area in Insadong–gil to Wara-wara to Hongdae park to Norebangs

Work hard, play hard. You can do both in Korea. We are graduate students and sincere scholars here in the morning, party people at night ^_^
Every night I had a good progress on my time of going to our hotel  – 11:30PM, 12 midnight up to 4AM haha ^_^ not bad, and we need to get up early for Ewha University Workshop sessions.

Have you ever tried these games? Yes, we did!

Shinanda-Shiminanda-Game of Deathsu! / 0- 0 -7 BANG!- Stand up and Shout a number
I think we had a fair game, everyone had a chance to lose but still conspiracy existed HAHA

We have experienced to end up going to a  Norebang at 2AM ^_^ in Hongdae”. Hongdae – is around Hongkik University, cafes, clubs, wall murals, fashion, underground music and art festivals are here. Non-mainstream artists, good street performers like Soundbox are here every night!

SAM_9518 SAM_9519 SAM_9520 SAM_9521 SAM_9522 SAM_9523 SAM_9524 SAM_9526 SAM_9527 SAM_9528 SAM_9530 SAM_9533SAM_9616 SAM_9617 SAM_9618 SAM_9619 SAM_9620 SAM_9622 SAM_9631 SAM_9632 SAM_9698 SAM_9699 SAM_9701 SAM_9702 SAM_9704 SAM_9705 SAM_9707 SAM_9708 SAM_9727


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