Faces of Chiang Mai

How does it feel travelling alone?

Me, I got a chance to know good and warm people in Chiang Mai from different countries with different cultures. ^_^

If you want to go soul-searching, better visit this place, I suggest ^_^

SAM_8761 SAM_8764 SAM_8817 SAM_8828 SAM_8829 SAM_8844 SAM_8847 SAM_8848 SAM_8850 SAM_8870 SAM_8871 SAM_8881 SAM_8882 SAM_8883 SAM_8886 SAM_8887 SAM_8895 SAM_8896 SAM_8898 SAM_8912 SAM_8913 SAM_8914 SAM_8915 SAM_8930 SAM_8931 SAM_8934 SAM_8935 SAM_8938 SAM_8939 SAM_8940 SAM_8941 SAM_8942 SAM_8966 SAM_8967 SAM_8975 SAM_8990 SAM_9017 SAM_9018 SAM_9204 SAM_9205 SAM_9206 SAM_9210 SAM_9212


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